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Aqua Planta Issue 2 in 2018

Aqua Planta 2-2018 Aqua Planta 2-2018

Maike Wilstermann-Hildebrand, p. 44
Nutritional requirements of aquarium plants
The article introduces the 16 essential nutrients and their function in the plant. The meaning of additional "Beneficial Elements" is explained. The nutritional needs of aquarium plants and the relative proportions of nutrients to each other will be explained in terms of average nutrient depletion.

Barbara Pachner, page 50
A real fern for the aquarium: Bolbitis heudelotii (Fe) Alston
The Congo Water Fern is known since the 1960s as aquarium plant. The article first introduces the systematics and the cultural history of the species. Afterwards, the author gives an insight into her 10-year cultural experience with this fern. The plant grows well at temperatures of 20 - 28 C, pH 5-7 and a total hardness of 3 - 18 dGH.

Maike Wilstermann-Hildebrand, page 54
Aponogeton fugax J.C. Manning & Goldblatt 2008 - An Aponogeton from South Africa
As early as 2008, Aponogeton fugax was described from South Africa. The article gives a summary of the first description, including an overview of the ecology of the species. John Manning provided his drawings and a picture of the flowers.

Josef Bogner, page 58
New release on six new Cryptocoryne taxa (Araceae)
The article describes the newly described Cryptocoryne species Cryptocoryne erwinii, Cryptocoryne bastmeijeri , Cryptocoryne regina , Cryptocoryne sahalii and Cryptocoryne isae . In addition, the subspecies Cryptocoryne yujii var. hendrekii is introduced as a new taxon. You can find the original article for this summary here .

Gnter Oberjatzas, page 64
Handling aquarium plants to avoid carryover
Discussing the Carryover of Potentially Invasive Aquatic Plants , Gnter Oberjatzas gives an overview of easily implemented measures designed to prevent the unintended spread of alien species. Naturally occurring aquarium plants could be classified as invasive species and be subject to a trade ban. The prevention of the spread of aquarium plants in nature therefore helps to preserve the diversity of aquarium plants for our hobby.

Editorial, page 65
Conference hotel in Sindelfingen for the annual meeting 2018 please book ahead
Organizational information on the annual general meeting of the working group in Stuttgart from 22 to 23 June 2018.

Claus-Dieter Junge, page 66
At the fairs in the south
The working group "Aquatic Plants" was again represented and represented at the fairs in Ulm, Sindelfingen and Karlsruhe last year has passed on information about aquatic plants and their culture to the interested public. Emerse and submerged plants were presented in terrariums, small vessels and aquariums.

Dr. Josef Bogner, Gnter Oberjatzas & Sven Ploeger, page 70
Literature reviews

Hans-Josef Hobusch, page 74
Invitation to the Annual General Meeting and 2018 Conference Program
About the Annual General Meeting June 22-23, 2018 .

Reinhard Boeck, page 76
Regional Group Dates