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Aqua Planta Issue 1 in 2018

Aqua Planta 1-2018 Aqua Planta 1-2018

short summary of this issue

Dmitry Loginov, p. 4
A Rheophyt from Sumatra: Furtadoa sumatrensis

Furtadoa sumatrensis M. Hotta 1981 is an arum family from Sumatra. The plant is one of three species in a genus named after the botanist C. X. Furtado, which, among other species, described 1935 Cryptocoryne nurii . He collected these plants on an excursion, but did not describe them. This is what the Japanese M. Hotta caught up with in 1981.
The author received a purely green form and one in which the petioles and the young leaves are colored reddish brown. He reports in this article about the ecology and culture of these plants in the terrarium and the aquarium.

Jens Khne, p 10
Utricularia - a selection of Southeast Asian species

Jens Khne introduces Southeast Asian bladderwort types in his article. Of the currently known 230 species of the genus, most come from South America and Australia. Among them are epiphitic, terrestrial and aquatic species. The article mainly presents bladderworts from Thailand their typical habitats. Mention is made of Utricularia delphinoides, Utricularia striatula, Utricularia jackii, Utricularia vulgaris, Utricularia australis, Utricularia minor, Utricularia aurea, Utricularia graminifolia, Utricularia bifida, Utricularia punctata, Utricularia gibba, Utricularia stellaris, Utricularia uliginosa, Utricularia garettii, Utricularia corynephora, Utricularia caerulea, Utricularia minutissima, Utricularia ramosissima and Utricularia odorata .

Kathrin Lisa Schulz, p 24
Experiences with the submerged culture of the grass-leaf sweet flag, Acorus gramineus Solander ex Aiton (1789)
The author describes in detail and what conditions she has cultivated the grass salmon for 10 months in the aquarium. She put a plant in the substrate and a second one was tied to a root and placed near the water surface at a lighter spot.

Gnter Oberjatzas, p. 30
literature reviews

Maike Wilstermann-Hildebrand, Seite 32
Meeting of the European Cryptocoryne Society (ECS) 2017

A short report about the ECS meeting in Mnsterland in September 2017.

Jrgen Ernst, p 34
Sachsen-Anhalt for the second

The regional group Sachsen-Anhalt visited in August 2017 the aquatic plant gardening of Oliver Krause in Dessau. There the water plant friends could see both long known and new aquarium plants.

Reinhard Boeck, p 35
Dates of the regional groups

Reinhard Boeck, p 36
Advance notice of the Annual General Meeting and Working Group Meeting 2018 in Sindelfingen

The annual general meeting of the working group will take place this year on 23.06.2018 in Sindelfingen at the Abakus-Hotel, Stuttgarter Strae 49, 71069 Sindelfingen-Maichingen 9:30 am General meeting with new elections of the entire board and the auditors
12:00 lunch in the hotel 1:00 pm Plant Bourse for Everyone
2:00 pm Start of the working group conference - Welcome and first lecture
3:30 pm Coffee break
4:00 pm 2nd Lecture and Auction / Tombola
7:00 pm dinner

Hotel rooms can be booked under the statement of the keyword "working group water plants" until 30.04.2018 directly in the hotel. For the participation in the dinner a registration with Claus Rembold and a payment of the expenses contribution for the buffet is necessary.