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Aqua Planta Issue 3 in 2017

Aqua Planta 3-2017 Aqua Planta 3-2017

short summary of this issue

Hans-Josef Hobusch, page 84
The working group aquatic plants is now a registered association. More information is given at the annual meeting in October in Fulda.

Uwe Mierendorf, page 85
My experiences with the culture of Cryptocoryne
It is a report on personal experiences with the emers culture of Cryptocoryne. The topics are: container, location, lighting, substrate and water. The conclusion summarizes important parameters.

Niels Jacobsen, Jan Bastmeijer und Marian rgaard, page 90
Cryptocoryne crispatula var. tonkinensis and var. kubotae.
It is reported in detail about the two varieties of C. crispatula and described the origin and specific features. A summary of the narrow-leaved Cryptocoryne species of the Asian mainland gives an overview of the species and varieties.

Christel Kasselmann, page 103
Aquascaping is now taking place in Magdeburg: The Art of Planted Aquarium in the ninth year.
An overview of the event in recent years with a focus on the aquatic plants used.

Hans-Josef Hobusch, page 113
Invitation and program of the Annual Meeting in Fulda.

Sven Ploeger, p. 115
Literature reviews.